The R. Sleigh Marine Band Deluxe with Overblows on 4, 5, and 6 (50% Deposit)


This harp is built for precise controlled bending all over plus over-blows in holes 4, 5, & 6. This combination of embossing and reed shaping is the most popular harmonica conversion I make. The tuning is standard 19 limit just intonation for smooth chords with melody notes that sound in tune for fiddle tunes, etc. $197 per harp, $98.50 upfront per harp.



  • Marine Band Deluxe Cover Plates with cut-away tabs on the top right (see photo). This design has the cover plate cut away to expose the reed plate. The reed plate has the key stamped directly into the brass.
  • This design recalls the original “mouse ear” Marine Band harmonica made in 1896. You will never have to figure out what keys the reed plates are when you take your harmonicas apart for cleaning and maintenance. The cover plates are strong, very crush resistant, and open in the back for sound projection.
  • Black Acrylic combs – You can put these combs into an ultrasonic cleaner or immerse in hot water with dish soap to keep your axes “clean as a whistle” with none of the problems of wood. They also will not crack or shatter if they are dropped. They are polished on the face to a smooth luster that feels luxurious and easy to move around on.
  • The reed plates are Hohner Marine Band Deluxe (the crossover is the same reed / slot combination) All edges smoothed off and corners rounded off for comfort.
  • All screw construction.

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