Special 20 "Jump Blues" Harmonica


This harp is made from a new Special 20 (included) and is set up for Playing blues or any kind of music that could use dependable over blows on holes 4, 5, & 6 (of course, mileage will vary depending on technique!)

All Slots burnished (embossed) and reeds adjusted for wide dynamic range and great response. Extra attention to bends in holes 2 & 3 and 9 & 10 balance out response overall for matching tone of bends to built in notes.


The face is coated with super smooth clear epoxy for the glide factor and cover plates are opened up in back. Sprues are removed from inside the comb to make it easy to tune with a draw scraper or other tools. 

Tuning is my own version of 19 limit Just intonation - smooth chords and melody notes that sound in tune for most any style you want to play.

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