Special 20 "Jump Blues" Harmonica


This harp is is built for you when you order it. Please check for current estimates for delivery, It is made from a new Special 20 (included) and is set up for Playing blues or any kind of music that could use dependable over blows on holes 4, 5, & 6 (of course, mileage will vary depending on technique!)

All Slots burnished (embossed) and reeds adjusted for wide dynamic range and great response. Extra attention to bends in holes 2 & 3 and 9 & 10 balance out response overall for matching tone of bends to built in notes.

 The comb is a modified stock special 20 comb. It has the sprues (the braces in the middle of the channels) removed to make it easy to tune with a draw scraper or other tools. The cover plates are opened up in back.       

The tuning is my own version of 19 limit Just intonation - smooth chords and melody notes that sound in tune for most any style you want to play.

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