R. Sleigh Harmonica Reed Replacement Tool with Swivel Base, and Extras


Sold Out

This is the last R. Sleigh Harmonica Reed Replacement Tool in stock and I have no current plans to make more of them. I am including a set of reed replacement tools including the following items:

- The R. Sleigh Harmonica Reed Replacement Tool made of machined aluminum with a tempered tool steel anvil strike plate embedded in it. The top has reed jigs machined into it so you can hold a replacement reed in place while you enlarge the hole in the rivet pad.

-Tapered and Flat Punches and a 2 oz. Brass Mallet and the additional 1/2" base with pin to allow swiveling of the tool.

- a separate machined aluminum reed holder for opening up the hole in the rivet pad - this tool allows you to use long reamers or other tools with no limit on clearance.

- 200 1.4M x 1.5mm low profile cell phone screws for reed replacement.

- a set of pin vises with clearance and tap bits and a tap for the 1.4 M screws

- a Wiha Phillips head screwdriver magnetized that fits the 1.4M screws perfectly and holds them securely making them easy to use for reed replacement

- a reed wrench with nibs that allows you to move reeds in any direction when you replace them with screws

- two hohner rivet sticks 

-a bag of grit for stabilizing reeds

The price does not include shipping. I will contact you via email with shipping costs - in the USA the priority shipping for a flat rate medium size box will be around $12 - International shipping will vary depending on location.




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