Hot Rod Your Harmonica - The Movie! (Downloads)
Richard Sleigh

Hot Rod Your Harmonica - The Movie! (Downloads)

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A series of videos on tuning, adjusting, and upgrading harmonicas, including high level customizing.


A series of 19 Video Downloads that cover tuning, reed adjusting and fine tuning, reed replacement, a very detailed series of videos on embossing slots, and tools of the trade. Many close up shots that clearly show you the secrets to making high end customized harmonicas and maintaining them.

Includes a PDF manual that has more resources and notes on the videos plus:

-a PDF ot the book "Turbocharge Your Harmonica" that includes color coded tuning charts...

- PDF - "The Marine Band Field Spotters Guide" - a guide that shows you how to identify the best reed plates made over the years, plus a detailed reed replacement chart...

- PDF - A guide to the videos with additional notes on all the videos in sequence, along with resource info for tools and supplies.

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