"Big Walter" Pre War Marine Band Harmonicas


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These harmonicas are pre - war Marine Bands ( one has the six pointed star on the back, but the other does not, both have large font Marine Band on covers, both are NOS, combs are replaced with sealed MB combs that have super smooth epoxy faces and waxed natural wood on the other three sides. 

These are cherry picked harps that played very well out of the box, only needed minor re-setting of the reeds. They were tuned to pure just (7 limit just intonation) for that "Easy" sound on the chords.

Keys of Bb and A ( what could be better than that for Big Walter?}

Put together with all nail construction, carefully, so they are airtight. If you want cover plates put on with screws and nuts, let me know, I'll do that - otherwise they are pure stock all nails...

Included are Pre War Boxes (boxes may not be a perfect match but they have the original actual photos on them) and original combs.

Price includes shipping in the USA - international orders will be contacted with options.



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