Reed / Slot Burnishing Tool


What is a Burnishing Tool?

The second definition of the word burnish in the Webster's dictionary is:  to rub (a material) with a tool for compacting or smoothing or for turning an edge. That is what this tool does brilliantly - turns down the edge of a slot to bring it closer to the reed, and turns down the edge of the reed near the rivet pad to bring it closer to the reed plate. 

This tool will change the way you do reed work. You will be able to control dropping the root of the reed with surgical accuracy by working it down one step at a time. You put the curved edge on the reed plate next to the part of the reed you want to push down and then you can gradually rock it or push toward the reed to move it in small controlled increments. This process cuts down massively on the tendency to push the reed too far into the slot and then have to push it back up. 

Please watch  the video to see how easily this tool can close up the slot near the root of the reed. This tool will also give you very precise control over the process of closing up slots in reed plates from one end to the other.

BTW- all of my tools come with a you’re happy or you get your money back guarantee....

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