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I finally found a tool wrap that I really like - black canvas with pockets. I also collected files and other tools to create a great reed shaping / tuning collection of tools.


Here is the low down:


- The Reed / Slot Burnishing Tool is now in limited production again. I have an arrangement with a small family firm that makes printmaking tools. They have one particular person who makes the burnishing tool to my specs, put it in a handle, and then I do final grinding and polishing.


This tool is the easiest way I have found to close up the end of the slot near the root of the reed. You have to experiment with the angle as you hold the tool like a fat pencil, but once you find the sweet spot you can see the slot closing in in very controllable increments. There is a video at the hot rod harmonicas  site that shows you this…


You can also use this tool to shape reeds to drop the zero point.


The other tools:


- 1/8” wide draw scraper in thin wood handle. The easiest way to drop the pitch of brass reeds. High carbon steel ground to a super sharp edge for precision scraping of reeds. A 3/8’ wooden handle gives you a comfortable pencil grip on the tool. You can read more about this tool in the separate listing in the Hot Rod Store.


- Stainless steel reed shaper tool. This tool can be used as a prod or for pushing the root of the reed down on both sides at the same time. I use it to push blow reeds through the slot to catch them with the reed wrench / support tool for tuning reed tips with the reed plate mounted on the comb.

- Grobet Swiss pattern 3 square file (triangular file with all sides the same) This is one of the finest files made in the world and the 0 cut gives you the option of taking a small amount off with light pressure or progressively larger amounts of brass off with more pressure.


- Two Reed wrenches that fit Hohner reeds - they have nibs that make it easy to move reeds in any direction when putting them in with screws…


- Harmonica Wax - this is a small jar of a mixture of Carnauba Wax, super filtered bees wax, and jojoba oil. I researched all ingredients for maximum purity. I discovered that Mineral Oil can contain some harmful ingredients, so I quit using it.


You can polish cover plates and the face of harmonica  combs to make the glide factor a lot better. Restores tired scratched comb faces and cover plates with a thin layer that you buff to a shine.


You can also use this wax to fill in at the root of the reed to get rid of squeaks and sizzles from over blows (and sometimes bends)


- A polishing cloth


- a small test tube brush just the right size for cleaning up harmonica combs


- a couple of ultra thin shims


If you bought all these tools separatly it would be over $200. I am putting two of these tool kits in the store and taking the rest to SPAH. If you order the tool kit before they sell out in the store, I could probably ship Monday morning - if not, I’ll ship as soon as I come home from SPAH


Price does not include shipping - I'll contact you about options - thanks! - Also please note - the photo shows a 4 in 1 screwdriver, which I no longer have in stock. 


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