Hohner harmonica upgrade: The "Juke Joint"


The "Juke Joint" - A free-breathing, easy bending harmonica set up for traditional blues. This harp will cut the room with a lot less effort than an out of the box harmonica. Extra attention to reeds and slots in holes 2 & 3, 9 & 10 in particular give you bent notes that are natural sounding and easier to get and sustain. The tuning is close to 19 limit just intonation for smooth chords with melody notes that sound in tune for fiddle tunes, etc.

You send me a Hohner Crossover / Deluxe / Thunderbird harmonica, or have it shipped to me with your name referenced in the shipping information. 

My estimate for shipping is 6 - 8 weeks from the time I get the harmonica to work on. 

I can also do this upgrade for Marine Band 1896, Special 20, Rocket, and Golden Melody harmonicas for $10 extra. I will bill you for these harmonicas after I check them to make sure they are the right vintage for me to work on. 

This offer includes free shipping in the USA. For inetrnational orders I will contact you to arrange shipping at extra cost to be determined by your situation. 


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