Harmonica Bending Meditations

Harmonica Bending Meditations

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What you have here are a complete series of all the musical notes that you can play as bent notes on a 10 hole key of C diatonic harmonica, each note held for at least 15 seconds, some as long as 30 seconds.

The purpose of these recordings is to give you someone to hang out with as you find your own way to play the notes between the notes. You simply pull up the note you want to work on, play along with the recording to the best of your ability. You have a chance to slow down and explore what's really going on inside your mouth and throat as you work on holding a pitch. You keep discovering all sorts of things that don't work so you can discard them. When you do hit on something that works, you have a chance to memorize the physical feeling of success so you can re-create it at will.

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